Hedgerley St Mary the Virgin

War Memorial inside Hedgerley church

In honoured memory of those
who gave their lives in the war



Pte. F.W. BODDY  Hampshire Regt. May 9th

Major G.H. STEVENSON  Welch Regt.  Sept. 26th


Lce. Corpl. J. HOBBS  Royal Berks.  Sept.24th

Pte. C.W. BOWDEN  Welsh Horse.  Dec. 19th


Pte. P.J. STOCKWELL  Oxford & Bucks.  March 1st

Pte. W.J. BIRCH  Oxford & Bucks. Aug. 15th

Pte. C. COX  Royal Warwicks. Sept. 7th

Pte. F. PINER  Oxford & Bucks. Sept. 20th


Pte. C. HARRIS  Somerset L.I. March 30th

Pte. T. HEARNE  Oxford & Bucks. April 19th


Verily I say unto you
"They have their reward"


Roll of Honour in Hedgerley Church

Roll of Honour at Hedgerley Memorial Hall