The compilation of Clint’s Roll of Honour

For the past 20 years, I (Clint Lawson) have been compiling the Clint’s Roll of Honour for Bucks men and women whom served in the Great War. It is important to emphasise that this Roll of Honour includes source references to those Buckinghamshire men and women who lost their lives and also those who survived the Great War. I have compiled these references from 16 different sources.

This has been a massive task with over 44 thousand entries to date and still there may be many omissions. So if you know of a Bucks ancestor who served in the Great War and who is missing from Clint's Roll of Honour, please let me know so that they can be included.

Clint's Roll of Honour will not answer all your questions about an individual but will (in the case of newspapers, for example) guide you to where you should look for more detail. To determine the precise location of the source you might contact the Centre of Buckinghamshire Studies.

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I am most grateful to Harvey Coltman for converting my original Word document into a format more suitable for website searching and for devising the search program. Many thanks also to June and Peter Underwood for incorporating Clint’s Roll of Honour under the ‘umbrella’ of Buckinghamshire Remembers.