Captain Lionel W. Crouch

Lionel Crouch 1912

Capt. Lionel W. Crouch (left) and Lieutenant (afterwards Captain) E. Gregson Ellis (right) leaving Chelmsford for the front March 30th 1915

Taken at The Lee vicarage before May 1915. From left to right:
2nd Lt. C P. Phipps, Col Pownall Phipps, Rev C. Phipps, Capt. L.W. Crouch,
Capt G.R. Crouch, Capt I. Stewart-Liberty

Plaque to Capt. Lionel William Crouch in Aylesbury St Mary's Church

Lionel's grave

Capt. Lionel Crouch's Battlefield Cross, and his medals

Bucks Battn
killed in action
21 July 1916


Capt. L. Crouch's