We acknowledge with gratitude those who have contributed their skill and enthusiasm, and offered photographs, documents and information which have helped in the compilation of Buckinghamshire Remembers.
Five colleagues deserve special mention. They have all given us the opportunity to identify casualties in many otherwise ambiguous records.

Clint Lawson has so generously allowed us full access to his magnificent index of newspaper references to those who served in the First World War.

Jonathan Walters has used his skill and persistence to resolve some of our most difficult queries relating to casualty identification.

Martin Underwood, son of June & Peter, has given us excellent technical advice when things are not going to plan!.


Harvey Weiner has focused on the details of many casualties listed on the Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross and High Wycombe memorials. Sadly Harvey died in Sept 2018

Lesley Perry is researching for her book on the Chesham casualties. We have found it invaluable to cross-check our observations.


There are many others who deserve our thankful acknowledgement.

Jane Absolom; David Adamson; Carol Addison; Lars Ahlkvist; Eileen Alderman; Celia Aldridge; Sue Allaby; Geoff Allen; Pam Allsop; Jim Anderson; Elaine Archer; Patricia Armstrong; Tom Askey; Clive Atkins; Robert Avery; David Axtell; Derek Ayshford; J. Baigent; Simon Bail; Margaret Baker; Martin Ball; Matt Banks; Toni Barbian; Joanna Barclay; Jesse Bargholz; Peter Barnes; John and Andrea Barry; Graham Bates; Sophie Barton; Nicky Batson; Julia Baxter; Sue Baxter; Ron Beacham; Michael Beaven; Ian Beckett; Sam Beebee; David Bell; Marina Bennett; Barrie Bertram; Lorraine Bewsher; Philip Birch; Graham Birchall; Shirley Blomfield; Frank Bond; Clive Boocock; Brian Bouchard; Ruth Bowler; Dave Bowles; Sue Bowles; Jill Boyd; Noel P. Boyle; Derek Bracey; R. Brackley; Pat Bray; Gillian Brion; Josie Broadhurst; Penny Bronte; Rosie Brooks; Peter Brown; Calum Bruce; Richard Bryan; Fraser Bunce; Graham Bushell; Philip Butterfield; Jan Caddie; Rachel Callander; Keith Callender; Julie Cannings; Charles Carey; Nicola Carpenter; Diana Carr; Norman Carr; Alan Carter; David Case; Jean Catherine; Ian Chambers; Brian Chapman; Colin Cheshire; Tony Chew; Margaret Chilton; Nick Chorlton; Maria Choules; Wilf Clark; Duncan Clarke; Graeme Clarke; Richard Clarke; Dennis Claydon; Roger Coasby; Derek Coates; Melinda Cole; Martin Coles; Ursula Coles; Steve Cook; Gill Coole; Jane Coomber; Andrew Cooper, Deputy Headmaster, The Royal Latin School, Buckingham; Richard Cooper; Ian Coote; Simon Cope; Shaun Corkerry; Barbara Cornford; Lorna Cowan; Rose Cowl; Jean Cox; Margaret Cox; Paul Cox; Simon Coxall; Alison Crampin; Anthony Croft; Paul Croft; Nigel Crompton; Peter Crumpler; Robert Culley; Chris Cunningham; Judith Curati; Phil Curme; Forbes Cutler; Mike Cyster; Christina Daniel; Kevan Darby; Sue Darby; Ann Davies; Margaret Davies; Michael Davies; Joy & Geoff Dawe; Colin Dawes; Tom Dean; Bill Dell; Molly Dell; Steven Denham; Tony Dennard; Mike Dewey; Tony Dickinson; Cindy Dinsmore; Reg Doble; Lisa Dodd; Albert Doggett; Charles Doolin; David Dorrell; Katherine Doyle; Delma Dunkley; Bob Easeman; Courtney & Margaret Edenborough; Graham Edwards; Keith Edwards; Lisa Edwards; Pam Egan; Carol Emes; Ann Evans; Helen Dorritt; John Farmer; Harry Fecitt, MBE, TD; Nick Ferrar; Henry Finch; Rev Steve Flashman; Barbara Fisher; Ted Fletcher; Linda Flint; Graham Flower; Ralph Followell; Charles Foot; Belinda Ford; Stephen Forrest; Chris Foskett; David Fowkes; Gervald Frykman; Steve Fuller; Andrew Fussell; John Gaches; Andrew Gardner; Ian Garland; Patricia Gates; Adrian Gillett; Anne Goble; Chris Goodbody; Jeff Goodchild; Kevin Gordon; Stephen Govier; Ian Graham; Adrian Gray; Reggie Gray; Barbara Grayson; Scott Griffin; Shirley Greenman; Ollie Greensmith; Nikki Greenway; Ivor Gurney; John Gurney; Rebecca Gurney; Simon Guy; Brian Hall; Rita Hall; William & Richard Haly; John Hamblin; Malcolm Handley; Linda Hanlon; Tony Hanson; Michael Hardy; Trevor Harkin; Lisa Harrington; Patricia Harris; Rachel Hassell; May Hatcliffe; Kathleen Hawes; Angela Hawker; Peter Hawkes; Clarrie Haynes; Jemma Hayward; Rod Hearn; Roger Hearn; Patrick Hellemans; Keith Henson; Ron Herring; Sue Hetherington; Clive Higgins; Patricia Higgins; Richard Hill; Angela Hillier; Linda Hing; Debi Hoare; Jeanette Hocking; Dr. Peter Holding, Headteacher, Sir William Borlase's Grammar School, Marlow; Keith Holland; Will Holland; Miriam Hollis; David Honour; Glen Hopkins; Tony Horner; Sarah Hoskins; Alison Houghton; Mary How; Norma Howlett; Mick Huggett; Norma Hughes; Anne Humphries; David Hunt; Mary Hyde; Mike Hyde; Romy Hyde; Rev. Fred Ireland; Lynne Ives; Alison Jackson; Anne Jackson; Wendy Jacob; Martin & Caroline Jacobs; Jimmy James; Lynette James; Arnold Jeacock; Kevin Jeffries; Mr & Mrs E. Jennings; Hilary Jennings; Simon Jervis; Clifton Jones; Chris Johnson; David Judd; Barry Keen; Judy Keen; Penny Keens; Sarah Kelan; Joyce Kendell; David Kent; Peter Kent; Martin King; Stuart King; Chris Kingham (Princes Risborough Heritage Society); Andrew Kinnier; Emma Kirby; Geoff Kirk; Sarah Kirk; Mervyn Kitchin; Michael Klappenbach; Dr. John Krijnen; Randy Kyle; Jan Lacey; Rev. Nigel Lacey; Rod Lacey; Sylvia Ladyman; Chris Lambourne; Peter Lance; Louise Landale; Kirsty Lane; Carolynn Langley; Jane Larkham, Editor of Wendover News; Mandy Lawrence; Clint Lawson; Jacqui Lay; Reginald Lee; Dino Lemonofides; Diane & Glyn Lester; Harry  Sally Leventis; David Loosley; Matthew Lovell; John Lovelock; Margaret Lunn; Chris Mann; Charles Marchant; Daz Marks; Robin Marriott; Margaret Mathie; Tracy Maunder; Don May; Geoff Mayer; Jill McCaskie; Ann McDonald; Ralph McLean; David McNay; Paul Medlicott; Amanda Milbourne; Grace Miles; Peter Miller; Judith Milner; Brenda Mobbs; Val Moir; John Mole; John Morcombe; Dave Morris; Elaine Morris; Angela Mould; Shaun Mould; Rod Moulding; Hilary Munday; Ingram Murray; Nigel Mussett; M N Member of The Great War Forum; Frances Napper; Daphne Nash; Stanley S. Nash; Richard Neil; Alan Newman; Rosemary Newman; Sue Newton; Mary Nokes; Geoff Norris; Alan Northcote; Bill Norton; Sue Norton; Peter Noyce; Keith Amanda Nuttall; Will O'Brien; Jim  Pat O'Grady; Noel O'Neill; Olwyn Offord; John Oliver; Nivard Ovington; Beth Page; Jean Page; Mr. R Page (Headmaster, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe); Stephen Palmer; Terry Pankhurst; Roger Panter; Graham Pare; Alex Parisotti; Penny Parslow; Jill Pateman; Andy Pay; Oliver Payne; Edward Peacock; Frank Pearce; Jenny Peel; Lesley Perry; Martin Petchey; Anne Peters; Wendy Phillips; Will Phillips; David Pickup; Ronnie Pigram; Richard Pillinger; Dave Pitcher; Jean Podbury; Susan Pointer-McDonald; Chris Pope; Stephen Pope; Tony Pope; Keith Potter; Josh Powell; Nicholas Previté; David Price; Fiona Price; Tony Pringle; Andy Pritchatt; Elizabeth Sprake Pullen; Richard Putnam; Ashley & Jacqueline Pyle; Alan Randall; Carol Randall; Chris Randall; Debbie Randall; Mark Randall; Brenda Rayner; Tony Reeve; Neil Rees; Alan Regin; Godfrey Reynolds; Philip Richardson; Rita Richardson; Colin Rickard; Glenn Ridgley; Theresa Risby; Christine Roadnight; Lyn Robinson; Mike Robinson; Beth Rogers; Bjorn Rose; Joe Rose; Margaret Ross; Eve Rumbell; Joe Sale; Philip Samsworth; Joan Sandifer; Chris Sargeant; Tony Sargeant; Ron Saunders; Diane Savage; George Sayell; Sally Scagell; Susan Schibli; Pamela Schneidau; Dale Schrock; C.D Schueler; Dennis Scourfield; Alan Searle; Vicky Searle; Cathy Sedgwick; Mike Senior; Joy Seymour; Mick Shaw; Sally Shaw; John &  Diana Sheldon; Ruth Sheppard; Sylvia Sherwood; Jerram Shurville; Peter & Sharon Sibley; Yvonne Simmonds; Geoff Simmons; Joanne Silvester; Julie Skellern; Tim Skelton; Tony Slater; Kevin Slaymaker; Robert Smale; Nigel Smales; Basil Smith; Derek Smith; Geoff Smith; Graham Smith; Gwendoline A. Smith; Ian Smith; Lesley Smith; Mark Smith; Sandra J. Smith; Yolande Smith; Rosalind Smyth; Harriet Snookes; David Snoxall; Jean Spackman; Marie Spampanato; Matthew Spring; Jayne Springer; Caroline Stafford; Peter Stanley; Jill Stanton-Huxton; Heather Steed; Phil Steer; Mary Steptoe; Julian Stevens; Lorraine Stevens; Christine Stocker; Dean Stockwell; Gail Stockwell; Ray Stone; Brian Strand; Caralynne Stratford; Philip Sturtivant; Geoff Sullivan; John Sutton; Iain Swinnerton; Peter Symes; Connie Tamkin; John Tanner; Joanne Tapiolas; Denise Taylor; Justine Taylor; Lawrence Taylor; Paul Taylor; Phil Taylor; Sandra Taylor; Graham Taylor-Paddick; James Templar; Paul Temple; Beth Thomas; Graham Thomas; Mike Thomas; Haley Thompson; Barrie Thorpe; John Tibbetts; Kevin Tobin; Steven Todd; Jonathan Trigg; Don Trivett; Joy Troke; Alan Tucker; Angela Tuddenham; David Turner; Eric Tyler; David Underdown; Martin Underwood; Pierre Vandervelden; Nigel Viney; Chris Vokes; Carol Wade; Clive Wakeling; Christine Walker; Hilary Walker; Lyn Walker; Philip Walker; Jules Wallis; Ann Walters; Jonathan Walters; Arthur Warboys; Barbara Ward; Peter Wardrop; Barry Warr; David Warren; Noreen Watson; Philip Webbe-Jones; Sheila Webley; Lee Webster; Clive Weedon; Carolyn Wheeler; Diana Wheeler; John Wheeler; Harvey Weiner; Wynn Wheldon; Derek West; Charles William White; Alan Wickens; Eileen Wickens; Tom Wigley; Sandie Williams; Mike Willoughby; Al Wilson; Ian Wilson; Rachel Wilson; Roberta Wilson; David Wiltshire; Ken Wingrove; Stephanie Woodward; Andy Wright; Arthur & Gay Wright; Kitty Wright; Vivian Wright; Gwyneth Wylkie; Diana Yates; Miranda Young; Susanne Young


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